Business Consulting Services: Seeing the Future Together


Market Research
When looking for external input from customers, partners or the market in general, we help you strategically plan primary and secondary research as well as tactically create surveys, run focus groups, analyze data, scout social media and present the results in an accessible manner. Discover the right insight that will power your next success.
Solution Selection
Selecting a piece of software is not trivial as it affects your organization in major ways. We facilitate the selection with interviews and comparison charts, but we believe in adding side by side demonstrations/POCs and end user involvement during the selection process as the best ways to gain maximum engagement and support during critical transitions.
Business Analysis & Requirements Definition
If you are looking to make a business case or better define a project or product, we work with stakeholders to elicit stated and unstated requirements, analyze the situation, prioritize, and provide you with a clear, unbiased opinion and business case for the project under consideration.
Product Development Assistance
Creating a roadmap, analyzing resource requirements, evaluating costs and doing cost benefit and tradeoff analysis, finding adequate suppliers, and facilitating stakeholder discussion are some ways we can help augment your product development efforts. As an impartial third party we are not vested in any one outcome so we can step into situations to help you find clarity and an effective way forward.
Enterprise Architecture & Integration Strategy
We bring expert application developers, integration specialists, and architects to analyze your current architecture and implementation and we provide a target architecture tailored to your organization. If you are looking to save cost or planning to scale we can create the plan or review your existing plans.
Intrapreneurship Strategy
Too often projects die because one-size-fits-all methods are used to address revolutionary technologies or projects. We will show you how to best align corporate direction and personal incentives to accomplish the needed change. Even a simple software upgrade can bring a revolution, we help you effectively and strategically plan and manage the change.


Seeing and believing are not as mutually exclusive as the old adage implies - we need both. Through POCs, presentations, data and market analysis, requirements, and planning we help your stakeholders gain more visibility and confidence in the vision they seek to pursue. As consultants, we remain objective and work to bring people, vision and plans together. Read our case studies and service descriptions to see how we've helped other customers:

Case Studies:
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Financial Institution Taxonomy
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Other Services:
Web, Mobile & Creative Services
Enterprise Applications Services
Systems & Support

Plans are nothing; planning is everything.Dwight D. Eisenhower

Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike.Alexander Hamilton

Strategic planning is worthless – unless there is first a strategic vision.John Naisbitt