Our Work: Case Studies, Industries, Technologies and Countries

Case Studies

Here are some projects worth noting that we have worked on in recent years. In most cases we withhold the names of clients due to the sensitive nature of the work, and we believe, in this way, the work speaks for itself.
Educational Unit Strategy

Educational Unit Strategy If you are an international investment company, with an accelerator and co-working space, what do you need now? Learn how we were able to present a coherent business case for an educational unit within this international company.

Liferay Intranet

Liferay Intranet A regional real estate company was looking for a common platform for all office information, a collaboration tool and a Sales Process management tool. Learn how members of the team implemented Liferay in record time.
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Health Care CMS Implementation

Health Care CMS Implementation: Moving to HP Teamsite's latest version was all about new capabilities and tools for agile site management. Read to see how members of our team helped this large Bay Area children's hospital succeed.

Document Generation and Taxonomy Implementation

Document Assembly and Taxonomy Implementation A large institution with hundreds of financial products needed to produce 1,300 documents in 27 languages automatically. Read how we guided the technical and business teams through this complex implementation.


Our team has worked internationally including the following countries: USA, Japan, India, Romania, Hungary, South Korea, England


We have experience in the following industries: Financial Services, Health Care, High Tech, Entertainment


The following is a short list of the technologies that our team members and partners have expertise in.

Business Applications
  ▪   HP Autonomy Teamsite,
  ▪   HP Autonomy LiveSite Services
  ▪   HP/Autonomy IDOL search engine
  ▪   Liferay Portal
  ▪   WordPress
  ▪   Drupal
  ▪   Microsoft Dynamics
  ▪   Oracle ERP
  ▪   SugarCRM

Data and Database
  ▪   Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Postgres, SQL
  ▪   NoSQL: Mongo, Cassandra
  ▪   Hadoop, Map Reduce

Development Languages
  ▪   NodeJS
  ▪   PHP, Python, Ruby
  ▪   C#, .Net
  ▪   Java, Servlets, WebServices, J2EE
  ▪   Spring: MVC, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Core, Security
  ▪   Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Hybernate, JPA

DevOps and CI/CD
  ▪   Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  ▪   Docker
  ▪   Bash, CSH, KSH, Python
  ▪   Powershell scripting
  ▪   Maven, Nexus, Jenkins, Ant
  ▪   svn, git

Front End
  ▪   Javascript, AJAX, Jquery,
  ▪   Bootstrap, Angular or similar frameworks
  ▪   HTML, CSS
  ▪   Responsive Design

Mobile Development
  ▪   iOS
  ▪   Android
  ▪   Frameworks: Appcelerator, Phonegap

Systems Admin
  ▪   Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc.)
  ▪   Unix (Solaris)
  ▪   Windows Server 2008, 2012
  ▪   Microsoft Exchange 2010 Support
  ▪   Amazon AWS admin experience

Server Software
  ▪   JBoss
  ▪   Tomcat and similar
  ▪   ATG commerce Server
  ▪   Microsoft IIS
  ▪   IBM WebSphere
  ▪   Oracle Weblogic

  ▪   VMWare Server, vCenter
  ▪   OpenStack, Juju
  ▪   Hyper-V